Monday, September 14, 2009


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An Explanation. Original thought composed at 2:19am while walking around the dark streets of santa barbara.

Beneath the optimism lie notes of melancholy… Though a rebirth awaits, a death of solitude is inevitable.

First you need to know what you’re looking at. If you saw a phoenix, kudos to you. Go get yourself a cookie. Second, it helps to understand what exactly this flaming bird is and what it represents. Here’s the abridged version. Something free. Specifically the mind and spirit. It’s intangible, shapeless yet possessed by an ever-changing yet constant flickering form and must have a body and a world to act in. Much like fire, the spirit can do nothing without fuel. When left untempered, it can bring forth chaos and destruction. When limited to its' 'proper' place, it can create peace and life.

This mythical creature reproduces asexually. It does not create through union. It dies alone only to be reborn equally alone. This is truly the state of the spirit. Already complete, it cannot combine with anything else. The spirit can have no mate. "It is already a spark of perfection, shedding its' light on the imperfections surrounding it." This intrinsic personal rebirth into new mind and matter can only take place alone.

With this rebirth there is also the strong possibility that the old world will not be compatible with its new incarnation. For the longest time I was afraid of this because I feared that those close to me would be unable to relate to the new creation that stood before them. And due that fear, I stayed a semi dormant pile of ashes riddled with flickering embers. Whether this happens to be the situation or not I’ve decided to deal with whatever comes. It’s time to become what I’ve always been. Time to begin.. again.

Art recognizes the pain of being born and dying alone. Friends and love are only temporary pleasures.

Here’s to the pain of solitude and the joy of rebirth.