Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 Minutes....

(don't read it or say it. sing it.)

i know the lord will make a way for me
i know that my god will from trouble, someday will set me free.
that's why i never, i never will give up the fight,
'cause i'll trust in him to do what ever is right.

oh the lord, he told me he will always make away
make a way, make a way dear lord for i'm trusting in your word
make a way god i pray lord i need you everyday.
and my weakness make me strong lord i never will go wrong..

if you lead me i'll be home someday lord make a way..

lord make whenever i'm in trouble
for i'm still trusting in your word.
make a way i pray lord i need you every day.

in my weakness make me so strong..
lord i never will go wrong
no, if you lead i'll be home someday..
lord make a way for me....

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