Monday, April 06, 2009

Word play.

doesn't tacking an 'extra' in front of ordinary just add to the ordinariness?

let's take a look at this.

extra |ˈekstrə|
added to an existing or usual amount or number : they offered him an extra thirty-five cents an hour.
1 [as submodifier ] to a greater extent than usual; especially : he is trying to be extra good.

ordinary |ˈôrdnˌerē|
1 with no special or distinctive features; normal : he sets out to depict ordinary people | it was just an ordinary evening. See note at normal .
• uninteresting; commonplace : ordinary items of everyday wear.

extraordinary |ikˈstrôrdnˌerē; ˌekstrəˈôrdn-|
very unusual or remarkable : the extraordinary plumage of the male | [with clause ] it is extraordinary that no consultation took place.
• unusually great : young children need extraordinary amounts of attention.
• [ attrib. ] (of a meeting) specially convened : an extraordinary session of the Congress.
• [ postpositive ] (of an official) additional; specially employed : his appointment as Ambassador Extraordinary in London.
noun (usu. extraordinaries)
an item in a company's accounts not arising from its normal activities. Compare with exceptional .

why do we allow a word that by definition should only emphasize how incredibly normal and un-extravagent something is, do just the opposite?

maybe i have too much time on my hands. idunno.