Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So yesterday as I was riding home I had the sudden urge to buy a pumpkin. I mean it is Halloween and I haven’t had one since I was in grade school so I decided to go for it. Luckily there was a mini pumpkin patch set up in the 7-eleven parking lot just right down the block from my pad. I wandered around for a bit then one jumped out at me. When I got home with it I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I just sat there and stared at it for a bit. About a half a bottle of wine later I decided that I should document this occasion.

:) with a wave of my majik wand... abracadabra! ^_^

Later that evening Kari came by with her own pumpkin. It was time for a massacre.. Just kidding. We brought them to life with wonderful faces and the let them feel the fire of life burn within them.

"hey! pay attention!" 
group shot.
the following shots are courtesy of Kari

happy halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

every now and then.

Yesterday I was hanging out by L&L Hawaiian BBQ enjoying my katsu chicken and found myself intrigued by the sky… I often find myself just watching the clouds. I get lost in them. I don’t imagine myself skipping around in them or anything. I just get kind of mesmerized. Sometimes I see structures and creatures but that’s probably more a result of my subconscious. As much as I enjoy watching them, I rarely take photos of them. Lately I’ve been playing around with my lil' digital point and shoot though. It feels appropriate to share. Here’s what I saw. Now get out of the house. Go to the nearest park, rooftop, balcony, or whatever and go do some cloud watching.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last week.

Ok, so last week I managed to crawl out of my hole and interact with the world outside. As for what happened.. Well here are the pictures. You can name the characters and make your own story. You know, like those choose your own story books from scholastics. Have fun.


Friday, October 24, 2008

this is for you..

Ok, so I started this blog way back in September of 2006. It was one of those late after hours party nights in the lab. I had intentions of documenting my life. What I did, who I knew, random thoughts and other such nonsense. Yeh… That didn’t hold up very long. 3 years later, and only 11 posts... And even worse, I didn’t touch it at all in 2007. For a moment I used this place to vent. I’ll still probably do that from time to time but hopefully I won’t have to hit you with those thoughts too often.

Due to peer pressure, (Kyle) popular demand (myspacers), and a woman that I love with all my heart telling me to do something (not suggesting), and considering the fact that it’s 3a.m. and my ass is awake working on photos, I’m gonna go ahead and give it another shot. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008


It's not the world. It's not them. it's you.
What was, no longer is. Nor will it ever be.
Get over it and move the fuck on.

You can't let the small and insignificant keep you from moving forward. See.