Monday, June 15, 2009

el Malpensante!

Another one of my photos was published last month in issue No. 97 of el Malpensante. Liz no. 9(buy it!). A shot that the masses seem to love and I’m rather fond of my self. A special thanks to Lizbian Nguyen for taking a chance, and shooting with me on that cold winter day and introducing me to Hapa, the Laundromat owners for allowing me to stuff a small Asian girl inside one of their dryers, Deviantart for getting my work to people around the world, and a guy named Ángel Unfried at a Colombian cultural magazine called el Malpensante.

Friday, June 12, 2009


This is the Velo. She carried me near and far for about 15 months straight. 7,735 miles (maybe more). Blazing hot days, cold windy mornings, and many, many rainy nights. All on long seemingly endless stretches of road and sometimes almost impossible hills... Through it all she carried me. Now after over seven thousand miles and 5 tyres (3 were the rear), she rests in my living room. She suffers from worn teeth on all her gears, brakes ground down to their limit, cables in need of tightening, a chain stretched so far it’s amazing that it held on for so long and a slightly crooked stem/crown.. Repair is needed but after such a long run I’ll let her rest. Until it’s time for her to carry me again.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


For some odd reason I just can’t seem to post here on a regular basis. I mean I want to. I have tons of photos to share with you. My thoughts.. I’m sure they could take you on a trip and make your head spin. But I don’t think any of you read or even read into anything. And because of that, I kinda don’t give a fuck.. It would be great if you saw what was really behind the photo or could interpret the words correctly, but that’s just wishful thinking. And wishing is for suckers. Here’s a seagull eating a pizza. Interpret as you like. Peace.