Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/11/08 4:44:38pm

So about a year ago this time I was on a bike. It was my only means of transportation. We had some good rides. Usually I carry as little as possible when I ride. For some reason I decided to start carrying my little point and shoot digi cam. Most of the time there wasn’t much that could make me stop and actually compose a shot. On this particular late summer/early fall afternoon as I was heading towards my dead end bullshit job, I happened to notice this lone sunflower. I didn’t stop immediately. The crows and I were moving too fast for that. But something told me that it wanted its’ photo taken. I peace'd out from the murder and slowed my pace so I could double back for the flower. I didn’t break out my camera right away. I kinda just stood at the edge of the fence and took in the silence surrounding the area. For some odd reason I felt a kinship to this oversized flower. I wandered into the tomato patch where it was growing and just stood there face to face with it. This flower didn’t want to be forgotten. I had met a depressed flower. How depressing is that? I stepped back, broke out my lil' canon powershot sd400 and flashed a few times. 3 days later as I was riding to work I noticed that it wasn’t there. For a moment I was pissed that someone would come and pick such an amazing specimen. It hadn’t been picked though. It was bent over and broken... Maybe it knew its final days were upon it. At least it had it’s photo taken.