Sunday, November 09, 2008

Some blonde chick.

Who is this chick? This is Megan. How do I know her? Well, I could bore you with some long ass story about how we met in a dark place that reeked of chemicals… I could go on to tell you about how we used to kick it up on the Riviera late at night working on photos or smoking and enjoying the view of the ocean from the parking lot. Or I could tell you about the many nights spent with her and her awesome roommate that sometimes ended with me being a bit drunk and rolling around on the floor. But I won’t bore you with any of the fond memories that I have. That’s not why you come here. You come to look at pictures. So here ya go. And if ya want to see more, go check out her website. Do you dig it? Yeh, you do.

And this is Carl. Carl is rarely, if ever clean. This was a moment worth documenting.