Saturday, December 27, 2008

hello yashi!

so earlier this week i decided to go for a ride around town and do some thrift shop pillaging. first i found a super clean white button up shirt. perfect fit too. i was impressed. only bad thing is... it's made in some other country and getting another on is probably gonna cost me a pretty penny. more on this when i find the company. i'm sure you'll want one. soon after i wandered about the streets and into the used bookstore. i think a copy of grey's anatomy is next on my list. continuing on my search for nothing in particular, i decided to hit another shop. i wandered about aimlessly, up and down the isles, in and out of the racks... then i decided to check out the cheap, donated, usually non-functioning electronics. its somewhat depressing. i decided to take a look at the camera bin. it was a bunch of point and shoots carelesy thrown into what appeared to be a small laundry bin. after a bit of rummaging, something caught my eye. a yashica t4. so what's the big deal? google that camera or check it out on ebay and you'll get it. considering it was only $8 i had to buy it. chances are most of the ones being sold online don't work so i figured it wouldn't hurt to take a chance on this. hell, i've spent more on a martini. this week i'll be riding about town taking some shots here and there. if it works, i'll have some cool shots just for you. :)